Drift Corpus Tech Rule Book: 

1. A MUFFLER (if you think your car is too loud, it probably is) message us if you have any further questions about this. We will deny your entry and refund your payment if your car is too loud once teched.

2. Batteries & battery terminals must be securely tied down. 

3. Fluids must be topped off. NO LEAKY FLUIDS! 

4. ALL lug nuts have to be on each wheel. Doesn’t matter what type, as ling as they are not cracked and secured on (don’t be THAT guy….) 

5. All panels need to be mounted securely to take a hit in case BUT bumpers are not required. 

6. All seat bolts must be fastened to the floor. 


8. Ensure your steering wheel is seated & tightened properly with all bolts. If you are missing any bolts you will be turned away. 

9. Heavy materials such as tools, jacks, unused helmets, amongst other items that may injure the driver or passengers while drifting MUST be taken out of the car. 

10. HELMETS. DOT full face & half moon style helmets are required. No motocross style is allowed. Velcro helmet straps are also not allowed. All drivers AND passengers WILL wear helmets with their chinstrap secured before drifting on track.

11. Fire Extinguisher MUST be mounted in car within arms reach of driver.

12. Convertibles can drift with no cage but MUST have a cage to tandem.

13. TOW Hook must be easily accessible and installed! PAINT IT A BRIGHT COLOR!!!

14. ISR Blast Pipes are NOT ALLOWED on N/A Cars. If they are installed 2 mufflers or stock Catalytic Converts will be required with them!

Lastly, safety is OUR priority for YOU on track. These are rules set in place to prevent serious accidents from happening. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about Drift Corpus rules. Thank You!